Measures moments

KB Watch is the product of the creative brilliance of senior partner Josef Schroll.

This brand’s fine timepieces are an artistic homage to Kitzbühel. Inspired by the great diversity of this town’s clientele, the designs range from sporty and classical looks to elegant and urban styles.

The movement is a masterpiece of timeless quality and high precision. Thanks to capturing Kitzbühel‘s famous charm and exclusive ambience, these sophisticated watches pride themselves on always being eye-catching wrist accessories.

A special highlight are the brand-new children’s collections combining playful designs and vibrant colours and reflecting the authentic carefreeness only visible in children. The high-quality watches are crafted to take on any challenges during the most memorable time of life.

The KB Watch collections are available in all SCHROLL boutiques and in our online shop.

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KB Watch – Jubiläumsuhr
KB Watch – Chrono Classic
KB Watch – Special Time
KB Watch – Avantgarde
KB Watch – Kitz Kind Classic
KB Watch – Strong
KB Watch – Professional Classic
KB Watch – Tachymeter
KB Watch – Chrono Style
KB Watch – Kitz Kind Superchamois
KB Watch – Chrono Classic DD
KB Watch – Special Stopwatch
KB Watch – Yvonne
KB Watch – Lady Classic
KB Watch – Kitz Kind Big Explorer