Schmuckstars Lifetime Honorary Award
Josef Schroll

The coveted Schmuckstars Award, a sparkling trophy for the best of the best in the Austrian industry, pays special tribute to Sepp Schroll’s extraordinary life’s work.


We live tradition. We live craftsmanship.
We live jewellery art.

53 years of family tradition, masterful goldsmithing in its second generation and pure passion for the fine art of jewellery design are the indispensable foundation of this story of outstanding success.

The store was opened in 1969 by Josef Schroll and his wife Karin and is now run by their son Christopher who is also a skilled master goldsmith just like both of his parents. With over 25 years of experience in the fine art of jewellery design he is holding the reins of the second-generation business together with his wife Yvonne.

True to the family tradition of providing top-class jewellery with professional expertise, the store is known for its premium service and customer focus. ‘Each order, whether large or small, is equally important to me when it comes in,’ emphasizes Christopher Schroll.

SCHROLL – A flawless piece of individuality