Getting Married in Kitzbühel

Say „Yes“ for all eternity in the picturesque town of Kitzbühel

To tie the knot is indeed one of the most magic and breathtaking moments of our whole life story.

How about a glamorous dream wedding in the middle of the impressive alpine world of Kitzbühel?

From rustic Alpine chalets to numerous wonderful places in natural surroundings to exclusive luxury hotels – Kitzbühel has the perfect location to offer for everyone.

You promise each other endless love, faith and constancy. Exactly this constancy we symbolize by wearing our wedding rings.

The shape of the rings has a special meaning: They are self-contained and there is no beginning and no ending. They symbolize endlessness. The endlessness of love.

Every love story has its own script, is absolutely unique. Make your “histoire d´amour” alive and find your individual rings together with us.

Our goldsmiths will help you to create your perfect ring. Together with your imagination and his professional know-how we design your personal rings.

Let your inspiration, dreams, memories and experiences incorporate.

Kitzbühel as symbol

You have wonderful vacation memories of a time of togetherness in Kitzbühel?

How about keeping all these amazing memories no matter where you are?

Exactly this the exclusive „Kitzbühel Rings“ of SCHROLL make possible. Our goldsmiths has expressed their own appreciation of this picturesque town with a lovingly detailed silhouette.

Let Kitzbühel be part of your love story and seal your love with the Kitzbühel rings.